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indoor gift adornment pot the sun lights solar energy lamp

indoor gift adornment pot the sun lights solar energy lamp
Product Detailed

indoor gift adornment pot the sun lights beautiful solar energy lamp
1 :Low carbon
2: Long Working Time
3: Top Quality

indoor gift adornment pot the sun lights beautiful solar energy lamp 



Product technical parameters and product description:

Solar panel: 2 V / 70 mA or 2 V / 120 mA


Battery: the nimh battery or nickel cadmium, AA / 700 Mah / 1.2 V


LED light source: 0.2 W / 3 PCS


Emitting light colors: yellow, blue, red, white monochrome, or two colors switch between, or seven color, in a

variety of color switch between (a switch in two kinds of color can switch between)


Main material: thick to whet a sand glass


Product size: 10 cm (diameter) * 16 cm (high)


Working hours: in the sunny cases illuminate 6 hours, can use continuously 8-10 hours.


Switch: automatic switch system make sunshine cans in the darkness of the space in automatic open lighting; At the same time also equipped with manual always switch.


Charging ways: sun, USB line (prior optional), with USB charging line charge will switch OFF state in please.


Products weight: 1.2 KG


Packing size: 12.7 cm (long) * 12.7 cm (wide) * 20.5 cm (high)


Packing: cardboard color box packing: 20 only/a (export packing)


working principle and method of use:


1, first use
Used for the first time, please open the cover glass, you will see the solar panels and switch. After the switch can

needn't touch the switch. In the sun, let the sun energy storage tank. In the sunny conditions, about five, six

hours place, can for the sun a tank 8-10 hours of light.


2, automatic switch
The sun has automatic induction switch tank, so will according to the brightness of the surrounding environment to

open or close. And the night comes or put on the dark place, the sun cans will automatically send soft light.


3, manual closed
In order to save energy, in the master doesn't want to let it shine, you open the glass cover, the switch slip to &

ldquo; OFF” Position can. The next time when use, and then the switch to slip to & ldquo; ON” Position.


4, replace the battery
Buy in you, each the sun cans are with a rechargeable battery, but each battery life will be. Involves the use of

user way, may cause its life nowadays. After a long time, if you think of the sun shine time are short, you can try

to find a new AA5 th batteries.
Replacement method: open the cover glass, hand hold a rubber part of the small ears, rubber parts will be removed,

by the solar panels from the rubber take down slowly, that can change the battery. Take the sun board, please do not

force to outside pull, lest the internal line break.
Note: can't switch closed, for several days in the sun exposure, so easy to cause the battery and speed up the

overcharge battery aging.


5. Tank mouth had a piece of solar panels collect solar energy, the light energy into electrical energy, then store

to the rechargeable batteries (not use general dry batteries, the consequences). Jar charging must accept direct

sunlight (through the window to the reflection of sunlight or the dusky tengsten lamp can also), use a USB charging

line charge will switch OFF state in please. Charging time every time approximately 5-6 hours. After that, every

time when illuminate or USB fill continuously 6 hours, can use 10 hours or so. At the same time, cans of mouth and

an automatic photographic device that, when the dark environment will be even, tin internal LED lamp can shine. Say

so, in the sunlight or under the environment of the strong light, even if you turn on the power switch, and the sun

can also will not shine; You can also lead to control the switch lamp is on, so as to save electric energy. The

monochrome sunshine can no choice of colors, double color sunshine tank has three gears switch (CH1, OFF, CH2),

according to your own preferences manual switching light color. Seven colors sunlight cans will be regular automatic

transform a colorful light.


6. Open the lid can you see the black circular solar collection plate, switch according to need to design a single

dial the type, type and moving around press type several. (general default is in the closed OFF state, that is, no

matter closed OFF light switch in which state, to the sun because automatic photographic device induction to strong

light will automatically disconnect the electric current to save electricity purpose, and absorb sun energy a solar

panel on automatically converts to battery energy storage.)


7. On the day of direct the sun, as far as possible let solar panels is exposed to sunlight (open cover), general 5

-6 hour will be filled with electricity. The sun light inadequacy, not the cover or on indoor sunshine refraction

place, need to extend charging time. Of course if need to use words, you also remoable solar panel on the following

rechargeable batteries battery charger into the power supply for charging.


8. Cap have sealing ring waterproof design, even if in the rainy day outdoor, as long as no more than the height of

water bottle, also utterly no relationship.


9. At night or in artificial darkroom (wedding dinner, the moonlight, party), you can choose the file you want to

light color, warm yellow, youthful peaceful and calm blue light, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained red, the

vitality of green light. Everything is in your master.


10. Large bottles, can accommodate many close or cardiac small gift. The most convenient to use a method, the window

on the desk or window frame or balcony, will open the dedication in during the day, charging, evening to be

automatic shine. Save worry and convenient.

OEM service is acceptable. 


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